Strawberries and Cream Soap Recipe


The thought of strawberries and cream soap sounded interesting so I tried this recipe. It makes a great bar of soap and I am very pleased with it.

Ingredient List

48 ounces - Vegetable Shortening

8.5 ounces - Olive Oil

2 ounces - Canola Oil

0.5 gallon - Cold Milk

3 tbsp - Granulated Sugar

12 ounces - Lye

0.5 pint - Whipping Cream

2 ounces - Strawberry Fragrance Oil

0.5 pound - Cored Strawberries

2 tsp - Citric Acid


Combine oils and melt over low heat. When shortening has melted, remove from heat and set saide to cool off.

Combine cream, extract, citric acid and strawberries in blender and blend until smooth. Pour strawberry mix into a bowl and set aside until later.

Set the container of milk in a sink filled with ice water. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Slowly add the lye and stir. The milk should turn a bright golden yellow, similar to the color of buttercups.

When both containers of milk/lye and oils are warm to the touch, slowly pour the lye mixture into the oils while stirring.

Fill the blender half full of the soap mixture and blend on low speed for one minute. The mixture will turn a lovely cream color. Empty the blender into another large container. Repeat this process until all of the soap mixture has been run through the blender once.

Wash and dry the first container and repeat the blending process again, this time adding a few teaspoons of the strawberry mix to the soap mixture. Do this until all of the soap mixture has been run through the blender a second time. If you have any of the strawberry mix left over, just stir it into the soap until it is evenly distributed.

Now you are ready to pour your soap into the molds. After 24 hours, you can turn the soap out of it's mold and cut it into bars. Let it cure for about 4 weeks and enjoy!


Contributed By

Megan W


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