Psoriasis Soap with Pine Tar Recipe


This pine tar soap is great for those suffering from psoriasis. Traditionally pine tar has been used in animal husbandry due to its antimicrobial and anti fungal properties. In recent years, pine tar has been used increasingly for those suffering from psoriasis. Even doctors are prescribing pine tar based products for the treatment of psoriasis. My best friend suffers from psoriasis and this soap has worked miracles for him.

Ingredient List

16 ounces - Coconut Oil

48 ounces - Olive Oil

12.8 ounces - Pine Tar

16 ounces - Cold Distilled Water

8.8 ounces - Lye


Once you have all of the ingredients measured out, you can begin to prepare the soap. Please note that all measurements are made by weight, not be fluid measurement. All of the oils and the water must be measured on a scale accurate to 0.2 ounces.



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Veggie Soaps Staff


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