Great Castile Soap Recipe


This is a great castile soap recipe.

Ingredient List

78 ounces - Olive Oil

6 ounces - Coconut Oil

6 ounces - Palm Oil

24 ounces - Cold Distilled Water

12 ounces - Lye


I have to say that this is my favorite all-vegetable recipe and the soap is nice and smooth and hard without any excess oil seepage or stickiness. It's also easy for me as ingredients go (except the palm oil, but it doesn't use very much). When using a stick blender, it does set up rather quickly after it traces so you need to pour it at the early trace stage and not waste any time. It also heats up after pouring and will become translucent for a bit before it begins to cool back down (this is true if your mold is deeper ...if you cover it right away, you will be blissfully ignorant of this fact!). One of the batches didn't get as hot as the others and I'm thinking that the amount and type of fragrance/essential oils used contributes to the amount of heating up.


Contributed By

Jaime P


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