All Vegetable Soap Recipe


A nice, well balanced all vegetable soap.

Ingredient List

28 ounces - Coconut Oil

24 ounces - Olive Oil

30 ounces - Vegetable Shortening

12 ounces - Lye

32 ounces - Cold Distilled Water

2 ounces - Essential or Fragrance Oil of Your Choice


Follow the usual soapmaking instructions, although the temperatures of each solution before blending should be around 95º to 110º (lye solution the cooler of the two). I mixed them together with a hand held mixer for about 20 minutes and after that, just stirred it every few minutes until it "traced" (which took between one and one and a half hours). At that time, I poured it into a cat litter pan (never used) which was lined with a sheet of plastic wrap, long enough to hang over two sides. This helps you turn out the soap and keeps it from sticking on the center bottom (which is where it always tends to stick if it's going to do that). This was placed into a cardboard box, and put a warm blanket over the whole thing. It was turned out and cut in about 24 hours plus. If you don't have a cardboard box large enough, set your pan on a towel and then put a large piece of cardboard over the top, then cover it with more towels or a blanket, out of drafts.


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Veggie Soaps Staff


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