Soap Making Tools

Stick Blender

These are the tools you will need to make cold-process soap. One thing that appeals to my practical nature is that all of the tools used in soapmaking have other uses as well, so that means less items to buy and store.


Tool List

Stick Blender - does an hour’s worth of stirring in about 5 minutes, and ensures a better result.

Digital Scale - precise measuring of ingredients by weight is essential, especially for smaller batches.

Stainless Steel Pot - stainless steel does not react to the lye.

Bowls - a couple of bowls for measuring and mixing. At least one needs to be stainless steel or pyrex, so it can withstand high heat.Stainless Steel Pot

Spoons - for measuring and stirring. I use my stainless silverware spoons. Do not use wooden spoons.

Thermometer - a candy or cooking thermometer.

Soap Mold - a wooden or plastic box or dishpan.

Freezer Paper - to line the soap mold, so the soap won’t stick.

Cardboard Box - large enough to cover the soap mold.

Knife - with a large blade.

Glasses & Gloves - for safety when handling lye. I wore an old pair of glasses. It didn’t occur to me until afterwards that rubber gloves would have been a good idea.


More notes about tools:

A stick blender is not the same as a hand blender. I borrowed a stick blender before I decided to buy my own.


Stainless steel is recommended for your soapmaking pot. The lye will react to an aluminum, teflon-coated, or cast iron pot. An enamel-covered pot could work well, but I would be concerned about the stick blender chipping the enamel.


Use stainless steel, glass, or plastic for your bowls and spoons. Do not use any made of aluminum or wood.

Your soap mold can be any container. I used a wooden plant box from Ikea.


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