Great Ways to Start Selling Your Handmade Soap

It seems inevitable that being involved in the soap making hobby will eventually lead to the desire or need to sell some of your soaps. I know that when I first started making soap I would give it away to family and friends. The problem is handmade soap tends to last a long time and there is only so much soap that your friends and family need. If you are like me and enjoy trying new recipes then your drying closet is undoubtedly overfilled.Natural Soap

Handmade soap is a great product and will sell very well if marketed properly. The type of handmade soap that I sell the best is all natural scentless soap. I get a lot of repeat customers because it leaves your skin so clean and fresh. I always decorate soap that I intend to sell with ribbon, raffia or decorative papers. Gift baskets are great sellers, particularly around gift giving holidays such as Christmas or Mother’s Day.


Places to sell soap

Marketing Handmade Soap
When marketing your handmade soap, make sure to focus on the positives of handmade soap. Make literature that tells about the superior quality and properties of handmade soap and have them ready for potential buyers. I always try to focus on the all natural aspect of my scentless soaps and how commercial soaps contain so many ingredients that are not healthy for your skin. I also find that coming up with unique names for scented soaps helps to sell them.

Whatever method you decide to use to sell your soap, just make sure to calculate the cost of all the ingredients, plus the time you have invested into making the soap. Yes – soap making is a fun and rewarding hobby, but if you are taking the additional time to sell your soap then you should make it worth your time.


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