Easy Soap Decorating Ideas

Whenever you make soap to give as a gift or sell to customers, it is always nice to jazz up the presentation by adding some decorations to your soap.  This article will give you some easy soap decorating ideas to make your soap as attractive and beautiful as possible.

Soap Decorating Ideas


Soap Decorating Idea #1 – For a beautiful and natural presentation, you can use raffia or natural grasses to tie around your soap.  This is a truly classic look that will be sure to please whoever is using the soap.  To tie raffia around a bar of soap, you wrap it similar to a ribbon around a gift, making sure the raffia crosses over the soap width wise and length wise.  Tie an attractive bow knot in the center.

Soap Decorating Idea #2 – Another natural look is to attach dried leaves or flowers to your soap.  To accomplish this you should melt a little paraffin wax.  Once the wax is melted you can brush it on the bar of soap and press the leaf into the wax.  This will bond the leaf to the soap for a beautiful presentation.

Soap Decorating Idea #3 – You can also use ribbon to decorate your soap.  Be creative with it and make sure to add embellishments to the ribbon.  One great idea for a bar of laundry soap is to tie a bow know with a small cotton string and attach tiny clothespins to the ends of the strings.

Soap Decorating Idea #4 – Arrange your soaps in a gift basket.  Adding multiple bars of soap together in a gift basket is a perfect way to decorate your soap.  You can even combine some of the other methods with the gift basket method to achieve stunning results.  Imagine a natural soap assortment decorated with raffia ties in a wicker basket full of raffia or grass.

Soap Decorating Idea #5 – Place your soap inside of ceramic or other containers for a cute look.  I have seen some really nice soap for sale in little ceramic bathtubs.

Whatever you decide to do when decorating your soap, just always remember to be creative and try new things.  It can be a lot of fun to step back and look at your own personal work of soap art.


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